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PMID: 59130
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Few people knew of Neetu Singh, a final-year student of the Film and Television Training Institute in India, until she was deported from Pune last month, allegedly for "anti-national activities". In the middle of a diplomatic row, a dazed Neetu, who is now at her parents' home in Bhadrapur in eastern Nepal, however, seems to be more a victim of marital discord than anything else. Her family alleges that Neetu's husband, senior Nepali politician, Amresh Singh, used his influence to get her deported and is trying to malign her character. While the deportation generated heat in India, there has been little public reaction in Nepal, with some newspapers condemning state interference in what is basically a domestic issue.

* "If both parties were unhappy with the marriage, there are ways of settling the issue. Misusing state authority and getting her deported on a false allegation is not one of them."

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