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One of the smartest girls I know? Taylor Swift. Not only is she crazy talented and super sweet, she's also figured out a lot about life and love in the 20 years she's been on this planet So when she said she'd share what she's learned along the way, we grabbed our laptops and took notes Csee the results on page 50). I was so Inspired by Tay's Top 10, 1 started thinking of my own list of love rules. And because I know you can never get enough advice on guys, here are 10 more tips for ya.

10. Pay attention to the clues guys give you. If a guy tells you he's a "bad boyfriend," he's not trying to throw down a challenge or give you excuses, he's actually imparting valuable information. Nope, this isn't false modesty and, no, he will not be changed by your amazingness. Heed his warning or risk finding out just how right he was down the road. After he's run over your heart...

9. Pay attention to what your friends say. You love him, but your BFFs hate him. They're just Jealous, right? Wrong. They see what you don't Sooner or later, you'll see it, too. And hopefully, by then, your girls will still be there for you Cand wont be all "I told you so" about 10.

8. Pay attention to what your mom says. Sure, she may not want you to date until you're 40. And she probably wont like every guy you bring home. But she knows what she's talking about, so try to hear her out from time to time. You may be a fool for love but your mama ain't.

7. Find someone who believes in you. Back in high school, I applied to be on the teen board of our local department store. I doubted I'd be chosen, but my BF encouraged me, even skipping out on sailing with his boys to drive me to the interview. As I got out of the car, he looked at me and said, "Knock 'em dead." I did- and got the gig. I still hear his voice in my head anytime I'm gearing up to accomplish something big.

6. Find someone you believe in. Maybe it's the way he's nice to everyone in school, even the lunch lady. Maybe it's his dedicaton to running cross country. Maybe it's the fact he's won the science fair three years in a row. Whatever it is, look for a guy who, just by virtue of being around him, makes you want to be a better person.

5. Change for a guy. Whoa, did I just say that? I mean the good kind of changes, of course. You were never into running before? Lace on some sneaks and let him take you on his fave trail. Think science is a snore? Ask him how he came up with his prize-winning experiment. Part of the fun of dating is learning about the other person's passions- and being willing to give them a whirl.

4. Dont change a guy. He's cute. He's smart He even laughed when your dad told that super-corny joke that makes your whole family roll their eyes. If he likes you this much, why won't he get out on the floor at dances? It's so annoying! Three words, sister Let. It Go. Grab your girls, get out on that floor and just let him compliment you all on how you out-Beyoncéd Beyonce out there. No one guy will ever be everything.

3. You really can't make a guy like you. If he's not into you, the cutest outfit or wittiest conversation in the world won't help that. And if he is into you? You could be in sweats with no makeup and it won't matter. The bottom line? Chemistry is impossible to manufacture.

2. There are only two ends to every relationship. You either get married or break up. And we know the first ain't happeniri any time soon, so relax and just enjoy what ya got Your latest BF may hang around for years. Or months. Or days. But stressirí about where you're headed and when is just a waste of time.

1. Life- and love- will always go on. I have loved and lost more times than I care to think about Just when you think you can't possibly put yourself out there one more time, you do. And just when you think there can't possibly be someone out there for you, there is. When you believe in love, it finds you. Trust me.

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