Electrical and Dielectric Properties of New Natural Cellulosic Fabric Grewia Teleflora

This article deals with the electrical and dielectric properties of new natural cellulosic fabric Grewia tilifolia. Grewia tilifolia is a tree found in India, Sri Lanka, Tropical Africa, Burma and Nepal. The fabric samples of Grewia tilifolia were extracted from the bark of the tree. The electrical (AC conductivity & Impedance) and dielectric properties (Dielectric constant & dielectric loss) were measured as a function of frequency in the range from 1 kHz to 500 kHz, temperature in the range from 30 °C to 210 °C. Using an LCR Meter (HIOKI 3532-50 LCR Hi Tester, Koizumi, Japan) the electrical and dielectric properties were measured. Grewia tilifolia is a subtropical medicinal tree; the stem bark is widely used in traditional Indian medicines to cure pneumonia, bronchitis and urinary infectious disorders. Copyright © 2010 IFSA. Keywords: Grewia tilifolia, AC conductivity, Impedance, Dielectric constant, Dielectric loss, LCR Meter, frequency and temperature.

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