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Publication: The Stranger
Author: Clement, Bethany Jean
Date published: February 11, 2010


Are you aware that food in this country is all kinds of messed up? Probably you are, in which case Food, Inc., a 101-level documentary about What's Wrong and Why We Should Freak Out, functions mostly as an emotional wringer and appetite suppressant. It is very effective. The experts and the facts speak, loud and clear and plenty scary, for themselves; it's a small shame that Food, Inc. doesn't just let them. The clever title sequence is emptily gorgeous and strangely moving, but when it segues into guys in suits marching across a field toward ominous, smoke-spewing factories, it cheapens the (extremely important) cause. Same with the jaunty tune that accompanies the organic yogurt factory. When you've got Eric Schlosser eating a burger and talking you through it, you don't need anything close to propaganda. That being said, everyone should go to php and do the "10 Simple Things You Can Do to Change Our Food System," because otherwise: DOOOOOOOOM. (BETHANY JEAN CLEMENT) Keystone Church, Fri Feb 12 at 6:30 pm.

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