A Search for a Low Anisotropic Superconductor

In this article, we have given a review of thallium based (Tl^sub m^Ba^sub 2^Ca^sub n-1^Cu^sub n^O^sub 2n+2^) and copper based (CuBa^sub 2^Ca^sub n-1^ Cu^sub n^O^sub 2n+4^) high temperature superconductors. This review article is based on the methods of preparation in the form of bulk and thin films and their physical properties. We have also studied the sources of anisotropy and methods of lowering it via changing the composition of charge reservoir layer and developing a better inter-plane coupling. Keywords: Review Article, Tl^sub m^Ba^sub 2^Ca^sub n-1^Cu^sub n^O^sub 2n+2^ and CuBa^sub 2^Ca^sub n-1^Cu^sub n^O^sub 2n+4^ Superconductors, Synthesis, Physical Properties.

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