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Publication: Women's Feature Service
Author: Lewis, Barbara
Date published: March 22, 2010
Language: English
PMID: 59130
Journal code: WNFS

She hasn't made a film since 1973, she rarely appears in public and she has been prosecuted for inciting racial hatred - and yet in her native France, the public, male and female alike, still adores actress and French icon Brigitte Bardot, whose sexuality in her heyday held men in thrall and appealed to women as an embodiment of sexual liberation. Bardot, who retired at the age of 39 and is now an animal rights activist, last year celebrated her 75th birthday and the first exhibition in her honour.

* The publicity poster showed Bardot sitting scantily-clad on giant pink letters BB, lined with gingham, recalling the chequered dress she wore when she married Jacques Charrier, the second of her four husbands.

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