Formulation and Evaluation of Polysaccharide Based Biopolymer - an Ecofriendly Alternative for Synthetic Polymer

The Main objective of the present study was to develop polysaccharide based biopolymer films with similar properties comparable to synthetic polymer films using waste materials of plant origin ,especially by the utilization of starch and pectin from plant source namely Mangifera indica (Mango kernel starch) and Cyphomandra betacea (Tree tomato pectin) . To overcome the problems due to usage of plastics, to conserve non-renewable resources like petroleum, natural gas and coal, to maintain ecological balance and to reduce pollution it is the need of the hour to develop ecofriendly biodegradable plastics that are made from renewable resources. An effort had been taken to develop a polysaccharide based polymer film and to study the filmogenicity and biodegradability of mango kernel starch-polyvinyl alcohol cross linked film. Mango kernel starch was isolated and evaluated for the physiochemical property and biodegradability of the prepared polysaccharide based film. The isolated starch showed a good physicochemical property and film forming property with polyvinyl alcohol and pectin. The developed polysaccharide based polymer film can be used as a substitute for synthetic polymer in pharmaceutical industry. Keywords: Polysaccharide based polymer, Mango kernel starch, Tree tomato pectin, Biodegradation.

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