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The 2010 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California affered music educators a unique opportunity to participate in the music industry convention featuring hundreds of instrument, accessory, and software manufacturers, publishers, dealers, and artists. For the first time, School Band & Orchestra magazine invited educators to walk the NAMM exhibit halls in search of the most useful products for use in the classroom and with student musicians. Teachers and school administrators in attendance filled out specially designed ballots indicating their top choices in 13 different categories. On Sunday, January 17th, a panel of five educators, along with SBO publisher Rick Kessel, presented the winners of the 2010 Best Tools for Schools.

Best Tool for Beginners

Sound Innovations Method Book

Alfred Publishing 's new Sound Innovations Method Book has been described as "revolutionary," in large part because of the customizable curriculum options offered in the "Director's Choice" edition.

Best Tool for Intermediates

Guitar and Piano for Dummies, 50 Guitar Licks You Must Know

eMedia's Guitar and Piano for Dummies and the complete Guitar Lab DVD series of 50 Guitar Licks You Must Know are designed for individual study and may be used as a complement or supplement to coursework.

Best Tool for Improvisation

Definitive Piano Improvisation Home Study Course

Designed for intermediate and early advanced players, the Definitive Piano Improvisation Home Study Course is a step-by-step course of study featuring 26 different improvisation techniques on six DVDs, two CDs, and a binder.

Best Innovative Tool

BodyBeat Compact Pulsing Metronome

Peterson Electro-Musical Products new BodyBeat Compact Pulsing Metronome allows users to feel the beat via a light electronic pulse instead of exclusively using visual or audio cues, like standard metronomes. Coming soon is a new master metronome that will have slave pulse units - perfect for classroom use.

Best Recording Tool

SoundSoap Pro

Bias' SoundSoap Pro is an advanced noise reduction and audio restoration program that can remove individual frequencies, eliminating hums, crackles, rumbles, and clicks from a recording.

Best Tool for Music Theory

Essentials of Music Theory, Vol. 1-3

Essentials of Music Theory, Volumes 1-3 is an all-in-one series that includes concise lessons with short exercises, ear training activities, and reviews. It is available in three separate volumes or as a complete set.

Best Notation Tool


Noteflight is an online music writing program that allows users to write, view, print, and hear music notation right in a Web browser.

Best Web Tool

YouTube in Music Education by Tom Rudolph and James Frankel

Noted educators and authors Tom Rudolph and James Frankel have published this handy volume which takes educators on an exploration of how to best utilize YouTube in the classroom and beyond.

Best Time Saver/ Assessment Tool

SmartMusic Gradebook

MakeMusic's SmartMusic Gradebook is a Web-based tool for distributing assignments, tracking student progress, and formulating grades based on customizable criteria. In a nutshell, Gradebook automates administrative tasks, allowing teachers to spend more time focusing on the music.

Coolest Game

Muzundrum: the Game of Musicians

Muzundrum is a music-theory crossword game featuring 12-sided musical dice that are used to form scales and triads.

Best Rewards & Incentives

AIM Musical Gifts

AIM Musical Gifts offers over 10,000 musical gift items, including musicthemed pins, magnets, toys, stickers, and key chains.

Best Eco Friendly Tool


Wheatware is a company that manufacturers bio-compostable and biodegradable products out of wheat. Remarkably durable and sturdy, eco-friendly music products from Wheatware include drumsticks, guitar picks, and shakers.

Best Gadget

Jammit app for iPhone

OEm, Inc. 's Jammit is an iPhone application that takes original recordings of songs and formats them with synced notation for play-along use. It is also capable of isolating individual tracks, such as the guitar, bass, drums, or other instruments.

Honorable Mention

Rhythm Ring

Guitar Hands Cleansing Lotion

Sound Disk Beanies

Mixcraft 4, Spin It Again

iZotope RX

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