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Publication: Modern Drummer : MD
Author: Berman, Sayre
Date published: April 1, 2010
Language: English
PMID: 78640
ISSN: 01944533
Journal code: MDDR


DRUMS: DW Collector's series in clear hard satin over birch with satin chrome hardware

A. 7x14 Edge snare

B. 16x18 floor tom

C. 7x12 tom

D. 14x16 floor tom

E. 18x24 bass drum

F. 6x14 copper snare (spare)

"I went with this setup for the American Idol 2009 tour because these sizes give me a big, strong, beefy sound that I need for a gig like this," Spears says. "The show has a tremendous amount of musical variety, from jazz to heavy rock. So I need a drum configuration that can deliver the bigger rock sounds."

CYMBALS: Zildjian

1. 16'' K Light hi-hats

2. 20'' Oriental Crash Of Doom

3. 18'' K Custom Fast crash

4. 10'' K Custom Dark splash

5. 16'' A Custom EFX (stacked with 10'' custom-made splash)

6. 22'' K Dark Medium ride

7. 19'' K Medium Thin crash

"I went big with the cymbals like I did with the drums, to make sure the rock sound is authentic and powerful."

HEADS: Remo Black X snare batters, clear Emperor tom batters, clear Ambassador on tom bottoms, clear Powersonic kick batter with DW hourglass pillow for muffling. "The Black X makes the tone on the snare just a little bit drier than a regular Emperor or Emperor X would. That sound is great for me because the snare doesn't need much muffling."


PERCUSSION: PureSound Speedball beater and Twisted snare wires, assorted Toca percussion

HARDWARE: DW 9900 double-tom stand, 9700 boom stands, 9000 bass drum pedal, 9100 throne, 9300 snare stand, 9500 hi-hat stand, Air Lift throne

ACCESSORIES: Yamaha Groove-Wedge (on snare rim), Vic Firth sticks. "Check out my gear and my setup and see what could work for you. Experiment with different things. Just make sure you enjoy yourself while you're trying to find your own sound and your own voice."


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