Gather 'Round goes back to the beginning

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Publication: Canadian Mennonite
Date published: April 19, 2010

It's back to the beginning for Gather 'Round, the Bible-based curriculum for children and youth produced by Mennonite Publishing Network (MPN). The curriculum, which is co-published with Brethren Press, will return to the book of Genesis this fall after completing its first four-year cycle through the Bible. "It's impossible to cover all of the richness of the Bible in four years," says MPN executive director Ron Rempel. "There is so much more to share about how God has interacted with people in history." The goal of Gather 'Round is to "help children and youth know, love and follow God as they study the Bible," says Eleanor Snyder, who gives direction to the curriculum through her work as editorial director for Faith & Life Resources. "We believe it's important for them to know and engage the Bible's stories," she says, adding, "Our hope is that, as children and youth learn more about the Bible, they will discover how to follow the way of Jesus in a world that emphasizes power, individualism and consumerism."

-Mennonite Publishing Network Release

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