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Publication: The Stranger
Date published: April 22, 2010



1509 E Madison St, 395-5226 / $


Reviewed by RatGirl

Ever since Green Papaya closed, I've been lamenting the lack of a close-by veggie banh mi option for lunch. I would occasionally drive down to Bambuza on Ninth and Pine when I've been jonesing. They make perfectly acceptable banh mi at Bambuza, but I think from now on I'll be going to Baguette.

I visited today for the first time and was very pleased. The vegetarian banh mi was filled with veggie ham, fake chicken, mushroom pâté, and all the usual yummy banh mi fixings, served on a delightfully soft but crusty baguette. The bread was really good. It was also refreshing to have a nonmeat option other than tofu (I do eat meat but am not a big fan of the gelatin-tinged mysterymeat- like fillings common to banh mi).

Service was very friendly. The sandwiches are $4 a pop, IMO about right for a high quality, larger than average, delicious banh mi. For meat eaters, they have hom bow as well as three or four different traditional meat-filled banh mi options. Yum!

Avg. rating: ***** (based on 1 review)

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