Synthesis of hydrazide-hydrazone derivatives and their evaluation of antidepressant, sedative and analgesic agents

The reaction of cyanoacetylhydrazine (1) with .-bromo(4-methoxyacetophenone) (2) gave the hydrazidehydrazone derivative 3. Compound 3 reacted with either potassium cyanide or potassium thiocyanide to give the cyanide or thiocyanide derivatives 4a or 4b respectively. The reaction of compound 3 with either hydrazine hydrate or phenylhydrazine gave the hydrazine derivatives 6a or 6b respectively. The latter compounds underwent a series of heterocyclization when react with different reagents to give 1,3,4-triazine and pyridine derivatives. The antidepressant, sedative and analgesic activities of the newly synthesized products were evaluated. Keywords: Antidepressant. hydrazide-hydrazone. pyridine. sedative. 1,3,4-triazine,.

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