Distribution and relative frequencies of T lymphocytes (sub-classes) in normal cycling goat ovaries were studied to explain local immunological defense mechanisms. Both the CD4^sup +^ and CD8^sup +^ cells were observed in primordial, primary, secondary and antral follicles. The number of CD4^sup +^ cells was higher as compared to CD8^sup +^ cells in all stages of the developing follicles. The granulosa cells were more reactive to CD4^sup +^ than CD8^sup +^ antibodies, whereas thecal cells were more reactive to CD8^sup +^ than CD4^sup +^ antibodies. The minimum reactivity for CD4^sup +^ and CD8^sup +^ was observed in primordial follicles while maximum binding was seen in large sized follicles. A few of the CD4^sup +^ and CD8^sup +^ cells were also observed in the ovarian stroma surrounding follicles. In atretic follicles, number of both cell types increased from primary to large sized follicles as compared to their counterpart normal developing follicles. A small number of CD4^sup +^ and CD8^sup +^ cells were also found in the blood capillaries around the follicles. The frequency of CD4^sup +^ and CD8^sup +^ cells was higher in the atretic follicles at all stages. This suggests that T lymphocytes play an important role in follicular atresia rather than follicular growth in normal cycling ovaries. Key words: T lymphocytes, CD4^sup +^ and CD8^sup +^ cells, Goat ovary.

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