Erwin Wittstock's novel The Last Judgment in Altbirk is the proof of a pessimistic attitude that approaches the doomsday motif as a pretext for the author's opinion that the existence of the Transylvanian Saxons' community was endangered. The author approaches metaphorically the perspective of a forthcoming Judgment Day of the Saxons' community, minutely presenting the fear and despondency of some of the inhabitants of Altbirk. The author transposes into his literary work the cruel reality the German community was confronted with after World War II, discretionary internments, abusive seizure of properties, the stigma of "fascists" imputed to the entire German community, all these being elements that foreshadowed the end of that world, a world in which the Transylvanian Saxons didn't fit in any longer. Keywords: Erwin Wittstock, Romanian-German literature, the Last Judgment, German community, Transylvania.

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