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After nine years of collecting information and writing news releases for Mennonite World Conference (MWC), Ferne Burkhardt of Petersburg, Ont., retired as news service editor in mid- June. During her tenure, the volume of news stories about MWC circulated to media outlets and interested people worldwide grew from about 40 to more than 70 in some years. Burkhardt served as a volunteer. "MWC is extremely indebted to Ferne for her diligence and the skills she has brought to the task," says MWC general secretary Larry Miller. "At a time when the scope and activities of MWC were continually expanding, she was able to keep abreast of developments and report them in a way that Anabaptists around the world could understand and appreciate." What did she like best about those nine years? "The wonderful people from around the world," Burkhardt says. "Meeting them has been an amazing experience, beyond anything I could ever have imagined." Replacing Burkhardt is another Canadian, Byron RempelBurkholder of Winnipeg, Man., who will add his work with MWC to his current duties with Mennonite Publishing Network. As part of his work as MWC editor, Rempel-Burkholder will also take over responsibilities for MWCs quarterly publication, Courier-CorreoCourrier, when the current editor, J. Lome Peachey, retires on Sept. 30.

-MWC Release

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