Anatomical properties of Colchicum kurdicum (Bornm.) Stef. (Colchicaceae)

Colchicum kurdicum (Bornm.) Stef. (syn. Merendera kurdica Bornm.) (Colchicaceae), which grows in alpine steppe in the southern Turkey, Iran and Iraq, is a perennial acaulescent plant. This investigation presents anatomical features of C. kurdicum for the first time. Anatomical studies have been carried out on tranverse sections of roots, leaves and surface sections of the leaves of the species. The plant has the roots with 4 to 6-layered cortex, 4 sets of protoxylem arms and one large metaxylem, anomocytic stomata, amphistomatic and equifacial leaves, 2-layered (rarely 3) palisade parenchyma and 2 to 3-layered spongy parenchyma. The stomata are 30-37 µm long and 22-36 µm wide. Raphides (elongated needle-shaped crystals) were investigated in the roots of C. kurdicum and their distribution were determined. Key words: Colchicaceae; Colchicum kurdicum; Anatomy; Turkey.

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