UV-Spectrophotometric Methods for Determination of Aceclofenac and Diacerein in Pharmaceutical Formulation

Three simple, specific, reproducible methods have been developed and validated for the simultaneous estimation of Aceclofenac and Diacerein in pharmaceutical formulation by UV-Spectrophotometric methods viz; Method I, Absorbance Correction method, Method II, Simultaneous Equation method and Method III, Absorbance Ratio method. For development of Method I, wavelengths selected were 277.0 nm λ^sub max^ for ACE and 341.5 nm λ^sub max^ for DIA. For method II, wavelengths selected were 256.5 nm and 277.0 nm for estimation of DIA and ACE respectively, while for Method III, 277.0 nm λ^sub max^ for ACE and 267.5 nm an isoabsorptive point of ACE and DIA. The two drugs follow Beer-Lambert's law over the concentration range of 10-50 g/mL for ACE and 5-25 g/mL for DIA for all three methods. The percent recovery of the drugs was found to be nearly 100 % representing the accuracy of the all three methods. Validation of the proposed methods was carried out for its accuracy, precision, specificity and ruggedness according to ICH guidelines. The proposed methods can be successfully applied in routine work for the determination of ACE and DIA in combined dosage form. Keywords: Aceclofenac, Diacerein, Absorbance Ratio method, Absorbance Correction method, Simultaneous Equation method.

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