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Publication: Earnshaw's Infants - Girls - Boys Wear Review
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Purebaby, an Australian brand offering organic clothing for newborns through size 7, has dropped its prices for Spring 11. "Significantly cutting the wholesale price and thus making the range even more affordable... gives Purebaby an advantage in price and opens more avenues for us to sell the range in the U.S. market," said Ginger Dhaliwal, owner of the Tiny Ginger showroom, which reps the brand Stateside. She noted that Purebaby, which as hecn selling in the States for three years, was able to cut its prices by reducing its margins in expectation of increased U.S. sales. The price of its organic cotton T-shirts has been lowered 32 percent to $8.50 wholesale; sets including a top and bottom are now $17. Call Tiny Ginger at (646) 645-9773 or visit www.

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