Sagamore Publishing named as Managing Editor for NRPA Journals

Agreement is a step toward transition to electronic format.

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Publication: Parks & Recreation
Date published: October 1, 2010

NRPA and Sagamore Publishing LLC have entered into a publishing partnership for the following official refereed periodicals:

* journal of Leisure Research (JLR) - a quarterly journal devoted to original investigations that contribute new knowledge and understanding to the field of leisure studies.

* Therapeutic Recreation Journal (TRJ) - a quarterly research journal devoted to publishing scholarly and substantive manuscripts in the field of therapeutic recreation.

* Schole - an annual publication that aims to disseminate knowledge related to park and recreation courses, curricula, and teaching. The 2010 issue (Volume 25) of is now available. Corey W. Johnson and Gwynn M. Powell served as co-editors of this issue. Cost of the journal is $47, and it is available in electronic format. ISBN: 978-0-9786512-9-9.

Beginning in 2011, Sagamore Publishing will provide administrative, production, and fulfillment services, with plans to transition the publications from their present, traditional printed format to searchable electronic journals.

For more information, contact Amy Penottino at 703.858.2153.

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