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Publication: Jewish Exponent
Author: Elkin, Michael
Date published: October 28, 2010
Language: English
PMID: 59080
ISSN: 00216437
Journal code: JWEX

Tricks or treats - and trumps: It was a trophy to treasure as a team of Israelis traveled over a bridge of the troubled Schuylkill waters to take home a championship. Israel's Eliran Argelazi, Alón Birman, Lotan Fisher and Bar Tarnovski were in Philadelphia competing for the world bridge championship and came out top cards to win the Ortiz-Patino Trophy (competitors up to age 27). Seems kreplach trumps crepes as Israel knocked off France for the trophy. . . . Saxophonist Dave Liebman will jazz it up on Oct. 30, at Chris' Jazz Cafe in Center City. The guy's certainly a major master of his domain, having just been named recipient of the 2011 NEA Jazz Masters Award. . . . The eyes have it - they certainly do as far as Dr. Alex V. Levin is concerned. The chief of pediatrie ophthalmology and ocular genetics at WiUs Eye Institute sees a real-need for follow-up care for youngsters after their initial exams at school, and is heading up the second annual "Give Kids Sight Day" this weekend at Wills Eye, in which any child under 18 can get a free exam and two pairs of glasses (if needed). Lookin' good, doc! ... For many kids this Sunday, the pursuit of happiness involves big opened bags as a drop-off point for cascading Snickers bars and M&Ms. For JFCS, it's a longer wait -but, based on past projects, as sweet a triumph. The agency's 27th annual "Pursuit of Happiness Benefit," slated for Nov. 11, highlights "The Art of Serving," with Edna and Jan Tuttleman joining the agency's Critical Needs Program as "The Art of Caring" honorées. Also: Curt Pont/ of the board will be saluted for "The Art of Inspiring." Lonnie and Murray Levin are chairing with Jen and Michael Willner, and Kristy and Jeff Schulman as New Leadership Chairs. All very well and good, but what kind of candy will they be handing out? . . . From the boardwalks of Atlantic City, N.J., to the sandscape of Alfie Menashe, in Israel, former Jersey Boy Stephen J. Kramer has made quite the life trek. Now the Israel correspondent for the Jewish Times of South jersey - he made aliyah with his family nearly 20 years ago - has penned Encountering Israel, his second tome on the Jewish state. Take a hike? He has, and it is that perspective that pervades the book. . . . That John Saler is sailing on smooth waters, as the chair of the Government and Public Affairs Group of Stradley, Ronon, Stevens & Young LLP, has been named to two major local boards - chair of the Philadelphia International Airport Advisory Board, and member of the Philadelphia Orchestra board. At the airport group - check the screens for arrival times - he's joined by new board members Meryl Levitz, head of the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corp; and Philadelphia Gay News publisher Marc Segal. ... Give that woman a hand - or, at least a handbag, as Judith Leiber pocketed yet another honor for her work as a handbag design artist. Moore College of Art & Design has named Leiber a Visionary Woman. If she put the award in her bag, "Stars" wonders if she'll ever be able to find it.




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