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Publication: National Dragster
Author: Benson, Candida
Date published: October 29, 2010
Language: English
PMID: 54249
ISSN: 04662199
Journal code: NDRG

PORTLAND INT'L RACEWAY, Portland, Ore. (Aug. 28-29) - Don Elgin and Andy Morris each had double the reasons to celebrated after scoring twice during the two-day, eighth-mile National Open event that closed out the 2010 Northwest National Open Series season. Both doubled on Sunday.

Elgin's first win came in Stock/Super Stock Combo, in which he wheeled his '74 Grand Am past the '96 Escort of Jim Caughlin to claim top honors. Elgin followed that up with an 8.03 to 8.27 win against Ken Green in the Sportsman final.

Interestingly, Morris cut .012 reactions in both his finals, and in both instances, the light gave him the edge he needed to win. In the Top Comp final, Morris parlayed the .025-second advantage gained at the Tree into a 4.65 to 4.53 victory over J.R. Leerkamp. Morris' .012 light in the Super Pro final gave him a .018-second lead out of the gate, which he turned into a 4.67 to 4.89 win against Dave Jackson.

Joining Elgin and Morris in the winner's circle Sunday were Rick Dearinger (Super Comp), Jeff Jackson (Super Gas), Becky Lindsey (Super Street), Charlie Dickinson (Pro), Travis Patridge (Motorcycle), Jamie Ladd (Jr. Dragster Lightning), Ruby Hoskins (Jr. Dragster Thunder), and Bruce Adsero (Jr. Comp).

Winners on Saturday were Greg Kielman (Stock/Super Stock Combo), Tom Gresham (Super Comp), Todd Sims (Super Gas), Dave Smythe (Super Street), Nick Bresaw (Top Comp), Randy Johnson (Super Pro), Bruce Compton (Pro), Tim Ellis (Sportsman), Don DePeel (Motorcycle), Casey Ladd (Jr. Dragster Lightning), Briana Lindsey (Jr. Dragster Thunder), and Jake Daniel (Jr. Comp). - Candida Benson

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