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Publication: Vibrant Life
Date published:
Language: English
PMID: 36129
ISSN: 07493509
Journal code: VIL

Good advice is timeless. In honor of Vibrant Life's 125th anniversary, here's a look back at some of the magazine's advice through the years.


Early to Bed, Early to Rise

"Early rising is to be recommended in nearly all cases. The best way is to go to bed early and rise early." -January 1909


Prevent Colds

"Colds may be more effectively prevented by avoiding close contact with those who have the disease than by attention to clothing, weather, and the !ike."

-September 1910


A Cure for the Hiccups?

"Dip a lump of sugar in vinegar and let it melt in the mouth. This, at least in some cases, affords immediate relief. Asmall pinch ofsugarwill stop hiccough." -April 1920


Sleeping Like a Baby

"Elderly people do not sleep so much as younger persons. Perhaps ihey do not need it."

-March 1931


Green Goodness

"Green leafy vegetables are so very rich in iron and calcium as well as the recently discovered vitamins and the chlorophyll now known to be especially healing, that we could almost call them indispensable. . . . The fact that seven ounces of mustard greens give a day's supply of calcium and about seven times the daily requirement of vitamin C shows their importance." -January 1942


Tomatoes and Oranges

"Tomatojuice is about half as potent in vitamin C as orange juice . . . [but] tomato juice is richer than orange juice in some of the other vitamins. . . . Have you ever used tomato juice or orangejuice in salad dressing, especially French dressing? You will be happily surprised at the pleasing flavor." -January 1953


Formula for a Healthy Family: Fitness + Healthy Food + Good Emotions

"Family-focused fitness offers unique challenges. . . . Continually there should [also] be awareness that good patterns of food selection in a warm, accepting emotional climate are desirable- yes, even essential- goals for a lifetime of healthful living." -February 1964


The Room Is Spinning!

"Momentary dizziness is not uncommon when suddenly sitting or standing up, and the feeling of faintness is caused by a lack of blood to the brain. Unless there is some pathological situation, in a few seconds, the heart will adjust the flow of blood and the dizziness will be done." -February 1975


Down in the Dumps

"If you struggle with depression, these actions will help you begin to feel better once again:

* Be active. Inactivity deepens depression and makes the day seem longer.

* Accept the fact that you probably will have to fight depressed moods from time to time.

* Talk to someone you trust- you cannot be objective with yourself.

* Be cheerful when you don't feel like it.

* Don't blame others for your difficulties and feelings." -February 1984


Is Your job a Killer?

"Employees remaining after a workplace downsizing face increased pressures that in some cases can be deadly. A study reports that the Japanese now recognize a syndrome of 'death from overwork.' Likewise, a study of Danish bus drivers found a high death rate in drivers working long hours in heavy traffic. Giving employees more control and more social support at work can help prevent stress-related illness."

-January/February 1997


Four Things That Will Revolutionize Your Health

"Most chronic diseases would be drastically reduced if people adhered to these basic lifestyle recommendations:

1. Exercise regularly.

2. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

3. Maintain a normal weight.

4. Don't smoke.

Only 3 percent of Americans follow all four."

-January/February 2008

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