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Publication: The Stranger
Author: Nipper, Mike
Date published: November 4, 2010


Do It Again follows Geoff Edgers, a writer for the Boston Globe, as he attempts to get the original Kinks back together. He wants the c. 1965 group-brothers Ray and Dave Davies, Pete Quaife, and Mick Avery-if not on stage, then in the same room, at least. But there are plenty of reasons why the group hadn't, at the time Do It Again was filmed, reunited: mainly the tense relationship between Ray and Dave. The brothers have a well-known history of animosity, and it's made clear that their past is acutely cumulative. Also, "Ray doesn't cooperate with anyone." Still, Edgers trudges on, e-mailing, calling, interviewing... and hoping. I'm a record nerd, and I see Edgers's type of fixation/hope all the time-not so much in record collectors who obsess over artifacts, but in normal guys like him who want desperately to connect with something unfinished, real or imagined. His singular focus exposes his peripheral craziness. Throughout the film, Edgers has no problem being really uncool and weird. Anyway (spoiler!!!), he never manages to talk to Ray, but his final interview with Dave is short but sweet, honest, and obviously painful. It makes the film. (MIKE NIPPER) Northwest Film Forum, Thurs Nov 4 at 7, 9 pm.

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