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Publication: The Stranger
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University District/Thurs Oct 28/10:39 pm Offi cer Wesley Buxton: "Victim is a student at UW and stated that today at 1030 hours, she was walking south on the west side of the 4500 block of 20th Avenue Northeast, when she was pushed to the sidewalk and robbed. Victim stated that she was carrying the backpack over her right shoulder when the unknown male ran up behind her, pushed her down, and pulled the backpack from her shoulder. The suspect crossed to the east side of 20th Avenue Northeast and ran north.

"Victim stated that her backpack did not contain anything of value except martial arts clothing and a spiral notebook. Victim believed the suspect to be a male, but all she could see was a subject running away-tall, slender, athletic build and wearing a dark purple hoodie (with hood up). Victim sustained a small abrasion to the right side of her chin."

University District/Wed Nov 3/ 12:59 pm Offi cer Wesley Buxton reports: "[The same] victim stated that she exited her apartment building, at Northeast 45th Street and 20th Avenue Northeast, and stopped to check her mail while on her way to class. The mailboxes are located in the small entrance alcove on the building's south side. Victim was facing the mailboxes when she was suddenly pushed from behind against the wall and entrance door. Victim hit her head on the door handle. The suspect pulled victim's purse off her shoulder. As the purse was grabbed, victim observed that the suspect's hand was white. Victim also noted that the suspect's hood was up and pulled tight with drawstrings. Nothing was said and the suspect ran east, into the complex, toward 21st Avenue Northeast. Victim's small purse contained only $50 and a credit card.

"Victim is a 'nonmatriculated' student, meaning she is attending another university and signed up for the classes on a spaceavailable basis. Victim stated that she has only been in Seattle since September and has no acquaintances or friends (except on Bainbridge Island). Victim stated that her four classes each have 100 to 150 students, but victim has no specifi c suspicions, although the description could fi t numerous males. Victim stated that no one has expressed interest in her in any way. Victim wears dark alternative clothing."

She must be the loneliest student in the University District. Can you imagine it? She has to cross the bay in a ferry (all by herself) to meet a few friends on an island. And as she returns to Seattle- the ferry approaching the lights of a downtown that's darkly refl ected by the cold autumn waters-she is about to reenter a place that has failed to provide her with companions. For her, this is a city of silent, hooded thugs.

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