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Publication: Canadian Mennonite
Date published: November 29, 2010

Students at Winnipeg Mennonite Elementary and Middle Schools' Bedson campus participated in unique activities at a worship fair held on Oct. 29. Pictured, students were taught to worship by Katie HoUander of Devoted Ministries using only two sticks, a bit of music and a heart for God. No eyes were poked out, and no lights were broken, anda lot of people realized that when given an opportunity to do something unique, children are capable of doing some pretty impressive things. Other worship activities included singing painting praying sign language, actions and drama.

Members of Jubilee Mennonite Church, Winnipeg Man. toured the Mennonite Church Canada office in Winnipeg last month, joining staff for refreshments. The visit "helped me put faces to names',' said church secretary Donna Wiebe, left. Also pictured from left to right: associate pastor Martin Blumrich, Judy Segstro, Ruth Pauls, community minister Anna Marie Geddert, Mary Funk and pastor Dan Nighswander. The office was "very warm and welcoming}' said Geddert "It helped me to know who to connect with when I need resources" To book a visit to MC Canada, e-mail chief operating officer Vic Thiessen at vthiessen@mennonitechurchxa or call him toll-free at 1-866-888-6785.

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