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Look Who's Criticizing Putin and Medvedev

"I am afraid that they may have been saddled with the idea that this unmanageable country needs authoritarianism."

Former USSR dictator Mikhail Gorbachev additionally referred to the Putin- Medvedev Tandem governing in Moscow as a "bad copy of the Soviet Union."

Record Number of Homosexuals Appointed by Obama

"We have made a record number of openly LGBT [lesbinn, gay, bisexual, or transgenderj appointments, and we are confident that this number will only continue to grow."

White House spokesman Shin Inouye delightedly confirmed the number fhaf exceeds in two years the total of similar appointments made during BUI Clinton 's eight years.

Public Employee Union Biggest Spender in 2010 Campaigns

"We're spending big. And we're damn hiippy it's big. And our members are damn happy it's big - it's their money."

The 1.6 million -member American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) has spent $87.5 million in 2010 ?? help Democrat candidates, its generosity, and similar big spending by the NEA and SEIU, is perceived as a payback for $/60 billion in stimulus money sen! to states lo shield public-sector employees from lavqffs during the current recession,

Caffeinated Drinks Dangerous

'This is one of the most dangerous new alcohol concoctions I have ever seen."

Masking the effects of alcohol with caffeine, drinks carrying The name Four Loko have been highly criticized because college students imbibing them end up in hospitals, according ?? emergency room doctor Michael Reihart.

She Advocates Adding to the Already Enormous Deficit

"So. the question is not whether we need to reduce our deficit. Of course we do. The question is when. Now is not the time."

Currently an economics professor at the University of California Berkeley, Christina Romer left the *chairmanship of President Obama' s Council of Economic Advisers in September. She remains one of the President's key economic advisors.

Multiculturalism Deemed a Disaster in Germany

"This multicultural approach, saying that we have to live side by side and live happily with each other has failed. Utterly failed."

Concerned mainly about the influx of Muslims who speak no German and live off 'government handouts, Chancellor Angela Merkel won applause, for her comments delivered to members of her political parry, The Christian Democratic Union.

British Government Slashes Spending

"Today is the day when Britain steps back from the brink. It is a hard road, but it leads to a better future. To back down now would be the road to economic ruin."

Britain's top finance minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, announced reductions in welfare benefits, a boost in the retirement, age, and elimination of half a million public-sector jobs over the next four years.

World's Largest Pumpkin Weighs In at 1 ,810 Pounds

"I don't use Miracle-Gro; I use micro-organisms. A lot of people think this is dorky. But then they have a loi of respect once they see the size."

Chris Stevens added thai his pumpkin, grown at his farm in Richmond, Wisconsin, measured 15 feel in circumference and stood 4 '/2 feet tall.


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