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November 30, 2010

I am pleased that today the House has joined the Senate in passing the claims settlement act of 2010. This important legislation will fund the agreements reached in the Pigford II lawsuit, brought by African American farmers, and the Cobell lawsuit, brought by Native Americans over the management of Indian trust accounts and resources. I want to thank Attorney General Holder and Secretaries Salazar and Vilsack for all their work to reach this outcome, and I applaud Congress for acting in a bipartisan fashion to bring this painful chapter in our Nation's history to a close.

This bill also provides funding for settlements reached in four separate water rights suits brought by Native American tribes, and it represents a significant step forward in addressing the water needs of Indian Country. Yet, while today's vote demonstrates important progress, we must remember that much work remains to be done. And my administration will continue our efforts to resolve claims of past discrimination made by women and Hispanic farmers and others in a fair and timely manner.

NOTE: The statement referred to H.R. 4783.

Categories: Statements by the President : Department of Agriculture, Pigford and Cobell settlement claims legislation, House of Representatives passage.

Names: Holder, Eric H., Jr.; Salazar, Kenneth L.; Vilsack, Thomas J.

Subjects: Agriculture, Department of : Pigford class-action lawsuit on discrimination, settlement; Agriculture, Department of : Secretary; American Indians and Alaska Natives : Cobell class-action lawsuit on Indian trust management, settlement; American Indians and Alaska Natives : Tribal nations, relations with the Federal Government; Interior, Department of : Secretary; Justice, Department of : Attorney General; Legislation, proposed : "The Claims Resettlement Act of 2010".

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