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Publication: National Dragster
Date published: November 19, 2010
Language: English
PMID: 54249
ISSN: 04662199
Journal code: NDRG

The 2011 NHRA Rulebook and the 2011 NHRA Jr. Drag Racing League Rulebook are available online to view, download, and print. To access the NHRA Rulebook, members and associate members must log in to the secure Members section of; for instructions, turn to the Membership Midway on page 56. Periodic updates will be made to the Rulebook to include any amendments that may be made during the year. Said NHRA Vice President- Publications Adriane Ridder, "We have worked on improvements to the Rulebook and are glad that the digital format has allowed us to provide amended versions with all-new material included to minimize confusion throughout the year." To access the 2011 NHRA Jr. Drag Racing League Rulebook, log on to and look for the Rulebook cover in the lower-right corner of the home page.

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