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Publication: Girls' Life
Author: Scarola, Danielle; McNamara, Patricia
Date published: December 1, 2010
Language: English
PMID: 58534
ISSN: 10783326
Journal code: GRLF

In the new Disney comedy Shake It Up!, actress Bella Thorne, 13, shines- and shimmies- as CeCe Jones, who, alongside BFF Rocky Blue CZendaya Coleman), is a backup dancer for the hottest dance show on TV. While the actress is no stranger to stardom, busting those hip-hop moves was a bit daunting. Here, Bella spills about her show, overcoming a learning disability and- OMG!- tickling Taylor Lautner.

"I've always loved to dance, but just recently started taking it seriously. For Shake it Up!, I take three dance classes every night It's really hard to get the choreography down...especially hip-hop."

"CeCe doesn't just sit back or let anyone stand in the way of reaching her goals. I'm a lot like that- I don't shy away from what I want."

"I was diagnosed with dyslexia in second grade. I went to a special learning center and they helped me so much, especially with reading, which I struggled with. I now read and write a grade ahead. And I'm really good at literature and language."

"I had so much fun gueststarring on Wizards of Waverly Place. I love that show! Everybody was so nice and so grateful, like on our set Jake T. Austin is really funny- so is Selena. And I love Jennifer Stone to death."

"I love fashion and picking out my outfits. If you were to see my closet, you would just be like, 'Wow, you have way too many shoes...and jeans...and dresses."'

"I have so much fun hanging with my friends. We go bowling or ice skating- even though I couldn't stand on skates if my life depended on it!"

"I worked with Taylor Lautner [on the short-lived CBS series, My Own Worst Enemy]. He is really ticklish. You can go up to him and say, 'I'm gonna tickle you, Taylor; and he just starts laughing, giggling and screaming. It's the funniest thing!"

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