Publication: The Journal of Pan African Studies (Online)
Date published:
Language: English
PMID: 69724
Journal code: JPAS


Leaving assumes the hope

This night is too long

I do not know when the sun will rise

But the sea breeze, the sea breeze being so

Friendly came to tell me always to stay a few day

I have to rush to the top hill

Do not mind the heavy night

I have torchlight I can trace my dream

If moon too refuses to come

The drum is rolling already, the drum

That dance tomorrow around is rolling already

I have to rush there and pick my part

Do not say I should stay till dawn; dawn

Cannot come rain has covered the heaven

O' home, give me no pet; not this time

I will be happy without you


I'm glad I would never part a tear

No time for tear either

My feet is out there waiting for the journey

O' brother - sister, friend of my green day

None knew you but to love you

-Felix Orisewike Sylvanus

Author affiliation:

Felix Orisewike Sylvanus lives in Lagos, Nigeria, and is currently running a degree programme in English language. He was born in Akure, Ondo State of Nigeria in 1982 and has written two anthology of poetry awaiting publication, and he also write in other genres of literature.

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