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Publication: National Dragster
Date published: December 10, 2010
Language: English
PMID: 54249
ISSN: 04662199
Journal code: NDRG

Lithium Power Pack

XS Power introduces the L925-16A Lithium Power pack, a lightweight racing battery for drag racing applications running alternators. The L925-16A Lithium Power pack is very similar to the L925-16 with one very important exception: the L925-16A is fully alternator compatible. The combination of highcurrent delivery and ultralight weight provides an excellent value in a lightweight racing battery for drag race applications. This 16-volt, lithium-ion battery has 25 minutes of reserve, a total capacity of 11Ah, and weighs only 6 pounds, 2 ounces. It can deliver 800A max and 125A continuously, which is more than enough to start engines up to 900 cid and supplement the alternator's output. This battery features fast cell balancing for safety, long life, and maximum capacity. A unique feature of this battery is the completely solid-state MOSFET protection system, which includes automatic low voltage, high voltage, incoming current limiting, over current, and short-circuit protection. XS Power is a manufacturer and distributor of high-performance batteries for racing. The company offers AGM lead acid batteries featuring lead-tin technology, lithiumion batteries designed for automotive use, and a complementary line of accessories. For more information, call 888-4XS-POWER or log on to

Water Pump Adapter Kit

Moroso Performance Products has developed a new water pump adapter kit for GM LS Series engines. It adapts a BBC-style electric or conventional water pump to LS series engines and eliminates the bulky LS water pump with a more compact, cost-effective pump. Since BBC water pumps have been around for years, many different drive and pulleys are available and now can be used on a GM LS Series engine. The kit includes two billet-aluminum adapter blocks (right and left), two pump adapter plates, fasteners, Viton O-rings, and high-flow -12 AN fittings. It requires the use of a remote thermostat housing. For more information, call 203-453-6571 or log on to

Front-end Fork Kit

This superlight titanium, frontend fork kit from Quarter-Max will lighten up the front of your car. It has 4130 fork mounts and titanium forks and stops and comes with hardware. Sold per pair. For more information, call 877-702-7575 or log on to

Super Damper

In an effort to stay ahead of the competition, ATI is the first to offer an acceptable dampening solution for the '11 Mustang GT with the newly released 5.0-liter Coyote engine. The 2011 damper is offered in an OEM replacement diameter with dual six-rib serpentine drive pulleys to run the Mustang's accessories. The damper also includes provisions for bolt-on crank pulleys from most popular supercharger companies. The Mustang damper comes with laser-etched timing marks and exceeds SFI Spec 18.1. For more information, call 800-284-3433 or log on to

Chamfering Cones and Mandrel

Goodson's 82-degree, 3-inchdiameter chamfering cones and mandrel are now available. Chamfer sharp edges allow for safe piston and ring installation. Handles all diameter cylinders or sleeves. For more information, call 800-533-8010 or log on to

LS Crankshafts

Ohio Crankshaft has released a 4340-steel, 4-inch-stroke crankshaft for the increasingly popular LS2, LS3, LS6, and L92 engines. The shaft is a lightweight design (49 pounds) with gun-drilled mains and is available with a 24X or 58X reluctor. It is internally balanced with SBC rod journals. For more information, call 800-333- 7113 or log on to

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