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Publication: Sunset
Date published: January 1, 2011
Language: English
PMID: 10396
ISSN: 00395404
Journal code: GSUN

At these restaurants, the comfort food classic is fancier than your mom used to make, but still hits the spot on a chilly day.

American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

San Francisco

Why we love it Lines snake around the block for the new South Beach restaurant (pictured), which uses kalamata olive tapenade and lavender-basil pesto to spice up its sammies.

What to order You can't go wrong with the basic Mousetrap ($8.50) - Monterey jack, sharp cheddar, creamy havarti, bacon, and pickles on sourdough.


Los Angeles

campanilerestaurant .com

Why we love it The Thursday grilled cheese night here is legendary: Look for sandwiches built around seasonal favorites like figs or braised lamb.

What to order The Classic Grilled Cheese ($16) with cave-aged gruyere, marinated onions, and mustard.

Grilled Cheese Grill


Why we love it What started as one food truck now includes a double-decker bus and a menu that runs the grilled cheese gamut, from straight-up cheddar with the crusts cut off to cinnamonand-brie.

What to order The no-holds-barred Cheesus ($8) - a hamburger patty wedged between two grilled cheeses.

Wally's Cheese Box

Los Angeles

Why we love it The sandwich options are limitless when you're surrounded by 200 -^ kinds of cheese - and 5 they take requests.

What to order The Classic ($7) blends aged gruyere and emmenthal cheeses on homemade brioche for an earthy, stretchy delight. Also try the standout truffle version.

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