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Hard to believe, but in the 16 years GL 's been around, we've cranked out 100 issues from our Macs. The cover girls and styles may have changed, but one thing's remained constant since our very first issue: The awesome advice that fills every page. We dish it out on everything from fashion and beauty musts to bud and boy rules. Here, we've gathered 100 tried 'n' true tips that we live by. Consider it our anniversary gift to you. Enjoy!

AlwaYs In StYle

1 Invest in timeless pieces you wont outgrow (think: the perf trench or a classic watch). Snag everything else on sale.

2. Some things always look cool: Doc Martens, plaid, ripped Jeans. Just not all at once.

3. Rethink your accessories. We can't tell you how often we've used a hair ? clip as a pin in our fashion spreads.

4. Dark Jeans are way more versatile than faded-out ones. They go with Chucks and your stilettos.

5. Cheery knee socks bust winter blahs and your cutest panties will improve your mood- seriously.

6. Boots 101 in 30 words or less: Mid-height ones work with everything from dresses to sklnnies. Equestrian-Inspired boots are a fall classic. And pass on any pair that's super tall with a spike heel.

7. Gotta pick between a basic or something glam? Nab the more casual option. It's easier to dress up a top than dress it down...

8. ..but sometimes it's fun to sparkle. Yes, we rock our sequlned skirts with tees at lunch.

9. When you're bikini shopping, dash over to the separates rack. You'll find the best top for your body and bottoms that cover your butt Most girls aren't, say, a "medium" all over.

10. If you're shoppin' for kicks, pick black heels, but opt for colorful flats. You'll always have something to toss on your tootsies.

11. Invest in a bra that doesn't dig in, fall down or make you uncomfortable in any way. They're out there.

12. Leopard print looks amazing when worn in moderation: Ballerina flats, belt or bag please.

Lovin' Your Locks

13. Long layers work on every hair type and texture out there. They add volume to your mane, and don't require a ton of maintenance.

14 Think before you snip: Bangs will always need upkeep (and should never be trimmed at home).

15. If you've got curls or waves, always work through them with a wide-tooth comb or risk yanking out your hair.

16. A kinda dirty mane is perf for updos, like messy buns.

17. That said, dry shampoo blasts away the greasies.

18. Leave-in conditioner is ingenious. Use it to detangle locks and help define waves and curls.

19. Ballerina buns and low ponytails can go anywhere. Loosen 'em up and add some texturizing spray to make either one feel more casual.

20. Switch up your look in a second by trying out a new part. FYI: Side ones are flattering on every face shape.

Beauty Basics

21. The perfume/haircut/lipstick that's amazing on your BFF/Rihanna/your next-door neighbor might not be the best for you. Always test it out first (or, in the case of a haircut, consult your stylist).

22. Tinted moisturizer is the perfect product for girls who don't like foundation. It hides imperfections and makes ya look rested.

23. Gold, gray and purple eye shadows flatter everyone. But that doesn't mean you should share yours with your BFF. Keep your beauty stash to yourself - it's germy (ick).

24. We were crushing on Hard Candy's original pale blue hue when it launched in 1996. Fifteen years later, it's just as cool (and trendy).

25. Avoid attacking zits with your mitts. A dab of spot treatment should do the trick.

26. Bronzer can pull double duty as an eye shadow. Yay!

27 Seeking a natural-looking blush? Pinch your cheek. That's the hue you're lookin' for.

28. Exfoliate and moisturize before spritzing on self-tanner or suffer funky tiger stripes.

29. Going to bed without washing your face is basically begging for a breakout. Scrub up and then hit the sack.

30. SPF is an everyday must. It might be icky out, but apply sunscreen anyway. . .or deal with wrinkles or the risk of skin cancer later.

31. Makeup has a shelf life. If your product morphs, chuck it. Eye products must be tossed after three months or they can breed bacteria. Ew.

All AbOut BoYs

32. Ready to strike up a convo with your crush? Asking him a Q always breaks the ice.

33. Guys are put off by groups of loud girls. Break away from the pack and give him a chance to approach you solo.

34. Flirting is to dating what the SAT is to getting Into college: Just another step in the process of getting where you wanna go.

35. That first kiss is rarely as blissful as we picture it- in fact, it can be downright awkward. Sigh, we know.

36. Getting used to your BF's quirks is part of getting to know him. Hey, dating Mr. Perfect would be boring, right?

37. Every relationship is unique, so don't try to morph yours into your BFF's.

38. Being a twosome means having a true bond. Talking to your BF about personal things is a great way to get closer.

39. Dad's never gonna be crazy about you dating. Prep both guys and the meet-and-greet will go much smoother. Well, as smooth as these things go.

40. Breaking up with someone by text is immature- and impolite. Give goodbyes in person.

Rock That Body

41. There's really no such thing as a normal period, period. But if yours has been irregular for more than two years, talk to your doc.

42. Your best weight isn't a number - it's a range. Determine yours by body mass index and by talking to your doc.

43. You and your sister each have your own DNA - and that means she may get her period first. . . even if she's years younger than you.

44 During teen years, the average person grows a full foot and gains 20 to 30 pounds. So don't freak about your fast-changing figure. It's normal.

45. There are so many kinds of boobs: Perkies, grandes, teenies and lopsies. Perfectly round ones don't exist.

46. Some girls have less pubic hair; some girls have hair that goes up their tummy or onto their thighs. It's all normal.

47. When PMSing, avoid salt, caffeine and sugar. Treats with vitamin E, calcium and potassium (think chocolate milk, guacamole or raisins) help curb period pains.

48. Getting outta bed at the same time every morning will help ya fall asleep easier. Yes, we mean weekends, too.

49. All girls have some sort of smell down below, so don't stress about it too much. But a foul one is a sign of infection.

A Healthy You

50. Water can do wonders. Without it? "Your skin will look tired and you'll overeat," says personal trainer Larysa Didio. So drink up!

51. Skipping meals zaps your energy. Start every day with a solid breakfast and snack on good-for-you foods every three or four hours.

52. Inhale, exhale: Deep breathing exercises will wake you up when you're sleepy (more oxygen = a more alert brain) and help you calm down when you're stressed.

53. Feeling sluggish? Hit the gym! Sweating is a great way to get rid of toxins in your bod and wake ya up for the rest of the day. Promise.

54 Every nutritionist rwe've ever chatted up says it's OK to eat junk from time to time. But that doesn't mean time to time every day.

55. No excuses. "There's no such thing as being 'too out of shape' to exercise. A little bit goes a long way," says trainer Andrea Partland.

56. Cleaning your room burns about 200 calories per hour.

57. Strength training is key for girls. It bulks up bones and will help you shape up faster than cardio alone.

58. Exercise is a proven cramp cure. You may not exactly feel like it, but get your heart goin' a few times a week and say see ya to super-painful periods.

59. Start off any new workout program slowly. Too much, too soon can leave ya injured. Same with eating: Going from cookies to only carrots can be too much of a good thing.

All in the Fam

60. Strict parents are good parents. Seriously, what exactly would you do if you were given free rein?

61. Sibling order might seem like a huge deal now, but over time, the age thing matters less (trust us).

62. It may be annoying having your sis glued to your side, but all ofthat attention just shows how much she wants to be like you. It's sweet - really.

63. Long family road trips are rarely pleasant. But they can be more bearable with a stash of books, games and tunes.

64. Mom's been there, done that. Nudge her, and she can probably recall her most embarrassing or guilty moments - making it easier for her to understand yours.

65. The easiest way to win the infamous curfew clash? Offer up legit reasons for why you need to stay out later.

66. Pick your battles wisely. If you get caught up in li'l probs, the sib feuds will be endless.

FrieNd FacTs

67. Listening is more important than talking when it comes to new buds. Seeing that her thoughts matter to you will make her feel good about buddying up in a solid way.

68. Never ditch your BFF for your BF. Sure, the balance takes work, but you were friends first and she'll be there for you longer than a guy.

69. Compete against yourself, not your friends, by setting personal goals. Friendship isn't a sport, so don't try to keep score.

70. Variety is the spice of life. Keep things cookin' by adding dashes of different friends to everything you do.

71. That said, when mixing crews, fight the urge to make inside jokes. They're bound to leave a newcomer clueless.

72. Your BFF is great for support on the big issues like guy or fam drama. But figuring out some stuff on your own is also Important.

73. Shopping and swapping clothes with your gal is way fun. But it's hard to be an individual If you're constantly sportin' the same style.

74. Good buds dole out compliments, but they also remember things like birthdays and recitals.

75. Girls are judged by the company they keep. That's why you gotta choose wisely.

School Tips

76. It's cool to be the new girl in school: You can start fresh with new friends, guys and goals. It may seem tough, but embrace your status.

77. There's always the chance you might not make field hockey captain or land the lead in the play. But if you don't try, you'll never know what you're capable of.

78. Weird but true: Chewing gum makes ya smarter! The motion gets blood flowing, which increases memory. Just don't chomp it in class.

79. Being constantly teased? "Bullies love to get a reaction. The best comeback is to have no reaction," says Dr. Judy Kuriansky, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Dating.

80. Writing your locker combo down 15 times twice a day for a week will help ya remember the digits.

81. Instead of looking at a project as one enormous, daunting task, break it down into a bunch of smaller, more manageable ones you can actually complete.

82 . Asking questions is a sign of intelligence. So raise your hand often in class and prove you want all the info you can possibly scoop up. Teach will take notice (ahem, A's!).

Instant Happiness

83 Turn on the tunes! Fun, fast music sends chemicals zoomin' through your brain, zapping stress and lifting your mood.

84. A smile goes a long way. The happier you appear, the more people will gravitate your way. That means you'll be surrounded by lotsa positive people. Say cheese.

85 Feeling blah? Certain smells - like citrus, cinnamon, rosemary, lemon and mint - can perk you right up. Buy your body wash accordingly.

Confidence Boosters

86. Sorry, but... "Apologizing too much sends the message you'll take responsibility for stuff other people do," says Rachel Simmons, author of Odd Girl Out.

87. Master the art of perfect posture. Turns out, sitting up straight helps ya believe in yourself more.

88. Going through hard times can be unbelievably painful. Use your sense of humor to help you perk up during tough stuff. LOL-ing can take the edge off even the most stressful sitches.

Life Lessons

89. No one's perfect. We misspelled "perfect" on our 10th birthday cover. For real.

90. Start a savings account. When you get money, keep some of it to spend now, then put away the rest for later.

91. Think positively. When you truly feel things are going to go well, they often do.

92. Volunteering gives you a platform to show your passion and it cranks your confidence.

93. Stroll out of your comfort zone. You'll open yourself to new friends and more fun if you check out different places and different stuff.

94. Saying "no" shows you have a strong grip on what's best for you.

95. Steer clear of the peer pressure cooker by going with your gut. Something feels wrong? It probably is.

96. Consider mistakes lifelong lessons. Make a mental note and avoid the same "oops."

97. Life isn't always gonna go the way you want, but don't be afraid to tackle huge projects anyway. Even if the outcome isn't as planned, you'll learn tons along the way.

98. Admitting you lied is hard. The faster you do it, the sooner you'll gain back trust.

99. Pretending everything's OK when it's not builds up emotions that'll eventually burst. Speak your mind, girl.

100. When you're having an off day, flipping through a scrapbook of your favorite memories is a fab reminder of how full your life really is.

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