Publication: Canadian Mennonite
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Language: English
PMID: 55064
ISSN: 1480042X
Journal code: CAMN

A "Continuing Education for Multicultural Leaders" course is being offered to pastors from Mennonite Church B.C. congregations this winter and spring. Co-sponsored by Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary (AMBS), MC B.C. and MC Canada, the training event will focus on Anabaptist history and thought for the church today. It begins on Feb. 19 at Peace Mennonite Church in Richmond, and will feature worship, fellowship with church leaders and three learning sessions with Maurice Martin of MC Eastern Canada. "Our purpose is to strengthen the Anabaptist understanding of the leaders of MC B. Cs multicultural congregations through offering a one-semester module [of AMBS]," says Samson Lo, director of Multicultural Ministry for MC Canada. Curriculum will be available in English, Korean and Vietnamese. Ten small group study sessions are planned from February through May using the "Anabaptist History and Thought" booklet, with regular meetings throughout the semester with a mentor/small group cohort based on participants' first language. The curriculum is one unit of a five-unit pastoral education curriculum that is offered for college credit through AMBS. The event will conclude on May 28.


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