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The Ring of Solomon: A Bartimaeus Novel by Jonathan Stroud; read by Simon Jones Intermediate, Middle School Listening Library Rev. 11/10 10CDs 978-0-3077-3863-9 $48.00

This welcome prequel to the Bartimaeus trilogy is set in 950 BCE and places die Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, among other principals, in a world controlled by magic. Bartimaeus, as a supercilious and arrogant djinni the unlikely hero of the books, here finds himself the unlikely ally of a young girl who intends, suicidally, to steal die magic ring of Solomon. Once again narrator Jones mesmerizes listeners with his portrayal of Bartimaeus as well as with his pacing and fluidity, incorporating the footnotes of the print version without a hitch. Audiobook listening heaven from compelling start to riveting finish. MARTHAV. PARRAVANO

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