Design of an Automatic Path Finding Wheelchair with Intelligent Guidance System

A conventional motorized wheelchair has been fitted with sensors and programmed with an intelligent guidance system to efficiently maneuver itself automatically from one point to another in a facility equipped with a grid of sensors that provide the wheelchair with the basic map of its course. The device described in this paper has been conceptualized such that once the wheelchair is given information regarding the starting and stopping point in a controlled facility, the wheelchair with this pre programmed information can efficiently construct a path towards its destination and automatically drive to that point from its present position while avoiding obstacles in its path and negotiating any turns and bends that it encounters in its course. This is achieved by means of sensors (IR and sonic) located at strategic points on the chair, circuits that control the speed of the motors, and a set of microcontrollers programmed to execute the different functions of the wheelchair. The facility in which the wheelchair works has been fitted with a set of sensors that form the basis of the network which is used by the program governing the wheelchair's automated movement to provide guidance to it by means of a course map. Copyright © 2011 IFSA. Keywords: Wheelchair, Automatic, Sensor aided, Path finding, Motorized.

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