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Publication: The Stranger
Date published: March 30, 2011


Finally! A relationship drama for my generation-the artsy, white, urban, financially stable people in their midto- late-20s generation! Our demographic has been shut out of Hollywood for TOO LONG, and that one guy from How I Met Your Mother isn't going to take it anymore. The guy's name is Josh Radnor, he is deeply appealing in the five-o'clock-shadow region, and with Happythankyoumoreplease (which Radnor wrote, directed, and stars in), he's determined to catalog the SHIT out of the Modern Twentysomething Condition. Um... finally? Radnor's character is named Sam, and Sam is a writer, which means that he is tired and has a crush on a girl with a novelty name. Sam's best friend is Annie (Malin Akerman), who has alopecia, which means she is bald and wise. Annie is being pursued by a lawyer (Tony Hale-that's Buster Bluth, y'all!), who uses his lawyer skills to find bald Annie GUILTY of being afraid of love (her sentence: making oooooout! Also Siberian prison camp). Sam's cousin Mary Catherine has a boyfriend who wants to move to Los Angeles, but Mary Catherine does not want to move to Los Angeles because she is annoying. Also there is a small black child who represents The Real World I think. Everything has a happy ending. There's nothing egregiously wrong with Happythankyoumoreplease beyond an abundance of schmaltz and a faint reek of pointlessness.

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