Quality Improvement of Services in Unversiti Teknologi Mara Pahang from a Management Perspective

Feedback from customers is an effective method to identify the quality of services and facilities provided by a university. The effectiveness to respond to customers' feedback also depends on an effective workflow. By having an effective method and workflow, the action from the management to improve the quality of services and facilities can be done immediately and effectively. The aim of this paper was to describe the development of new complaint management system. Manual process of complaint handling between customers and the university was monitored to develop the new complaint management system. New complaint management system known as e-Aduan was developed. Both customers and management had accessed to the new system to complaint and retrieve information. Through this study the researchers had also identified workflow procedures to be followed by the management to address customers' complaints and comments. This new scenario produced good impact to both customers and management; customers now had a platform to communicate their dissatisfaction and the management would be able to act immediately upon any customer feedback. Researchers believed e-Aduan and the effective workflow could be applied to other sectors nationally and internationally. The strength of this research was on the combinations of the effective method (e-Aduan) and effective workflow. The implementation of the system indicated there were a lot improvement need to be done on the quality of services and facilities. Further study could be done on identified the real problem automatically from the complaint to improve the effectiveness and performance of the system. Key words: Complaint management; Complaint handling; Management; University; Complaint; System.

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