Implementation of a Facebook page by school nurses

This paper aims to present the practical issues that need to be addressed in order to successfully implement a social networking (Facebook) page by school nurses as a platform to engage young people. The concept was developed by a specialist community public health nurse student, though the implementation by the school nurses resulted in a project that looked somewhat different from the original concept. The use of social networking to engage young people is a relatively new concept for health services, and there appear to be no 'tried and tested' ways of implementation. The practical solutions to issues are developed from exploring existing guidance and standards from professional and hearth services, in addition to those used by a charitable organisation that uses the internet and email to engage with vulnerable young people. Although several risks and ethical and sustainability issues exist, 'rt is possible to identify and manage these in order to successfully improve accessibility to services for young people. Key words. Social networking, risk assessment, ethics, school nursing.

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