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Before you know it, kids will be out of school and the warm summer months will provide long days full of possibilities. The tradition of summer travel is still alive and well, and smart travelers know how to plan so they get the most for their dollar.

As summer looms on the horizon, more and more people are catching the travel bug. According to recent numbers from the U.S. Travel Association/Ypartnership travelhorizons survey, 7 million more U.S. adults expect to travel through July this year than last year - thanks to more money available for travel and interest in leisure getaway deals.

Whether you're planning a trip with the family or your friends, being money-wise doesn't mean having to cut corners on a vacation. Consider these insider travel tips to get the most out of your summer vacation plans:

* Eat smart and save. Dining can be one of the most costly parts of taking a summer vacation. While enjoying a meal at a restaurant is a good thing, smart travelers limit how much they eat out. Booking accommodations with a kitchen might cost a bit more, but the savings of eating-in throughout a trip can add up quickly. If you do like to eat out, a smart travel tip is to eat at local eateries and avoid the big tourist locations.

* Look for online travel discounts. The Internet offers a plethora of travel savings, but finding these can be confusing. Be sure to look beyond the typical travel sites to find really deep discounts. For example, offers exclusive, limited-time discounts now through May 13, that can save up to 60 percent on travel across the United States this summer and beyond.

* Walk and use public transit. Invest in a good map that you can bring in a purse or backpack. Keep in mind that many cities offer free online versions of subway and bus maps.

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