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April 28, 2011

Today the U.S. District Court approved the settlement reached by the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Justice with the plaintiffs in the Keepseagle class-action lawsuit. This is yet another important step forward in addressing an unfortunate chapter in USDA's civil rights history.

This settlement would not have been reached without the leadership of Secretary Vilsack and Attorney General Holder, and I want to thank them both for their hard work on behalf of Native American farmers. Today's approval of the settlement will help strengthen our nation-to-nation relationship with Indian Country and reinforce the idea that all citizens have a right to be treated fairly by their Government.

Categories: Statements by the President : Keepseagle class-action lawsuit on discrimination by the Department of Agriculture, settlement.

Names: Holder, Eric H., Jr.; Vilsack, Thomas J.

Subjects: Agriculture, Department of : Keepseagle class-action lawsuit on discrimination, settlement; Agriculture, Department of : Secretary; American Indians and Alaska Natives : Tribal nations, relations with Federal Government; Civil rights : Racial equality.

DCPD Number: DCPD201100296.

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