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Art with Anything: 52 Weeks of Fun Using Everyday Stuff is the ideal resource for teachers who want to reuse items on hand or stick to an artsupply budget. Author MaryAnn Kohl provides open-ended art activities for children aged 4 to 10 that focus on the experience of art, rather than the final product, while using everyday items. | circle # 396


The Super Satchel Deluxe (model 6980AB) is configured with a one compartment lid and divided base. The bottom compartment has eight permanent divided sections and includes removable dividers to customize the base to specific art and craft needs. The exterior dimensions of the Super Satchel Deluxe are: 17.25'' x 16.75'' x 5''. | circle # 400


Nantucket Island School of Design and the Arts (NISDA) is a nonprofit educational institution dedicated to exploring the interdependence of the arts, sciences, humanities and environment, and enhancing education, community and quality of life through the arts. Children, collegelevel adults, professional artists, public school students and teachers are invited to visit NISDA to enjoy life through the arts, generosity of spirit, ideas, friendship and creativity, and to experience the emerging of arts and crafts. | circle # 395


Xuron's TK2400 Bead Stringer's Tool Kit features a selection of tools that are designed specifically for cutting, bending, holding and gripping beads and wire with comfort and control. The 410 Micro-Shear® Flush Cutter, 450 Tweezernose(TM) Plier and 488 Round Nose Plier feature nonslip Xuro-Rubber'" cushion grips and Light-Touch'" return springs. Manufactured from high carbon steel for strength and durability. I circle # 392


Sculptor Philippe Faraut continues to create anatomical plaster reference casts for art educators. This life-sized cast of a woman's face is half finished and half in planes to help the artist visualize and understand the concept, as well as understand the importance of working in planes. I circle #394


ArtSite is a place for teachers and their students to share art and writing, allowing them to become part of a learning environment that combines curiosity, creativity, critical thinking - and a world view of history and civilization. Students can log in from home or school, search museum websites and build a Gallery filled with worldwide art and their own descriptions. When the ArtBlog is activated, students can enter into a teacher-approved online discussion about their Gallery pages. They can also contribute their own art and writing to the ArtSite Portfolio. | circle #399

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