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They could have danced all night - and who knows, maybe they did (in between bites of Israeli food). Everyone's favorite "Black Swan," Natalie Portman dished and dined with beau - and Pennsylvania Ballet toe-meister - Benjamin Millepied (guess it pays to have a lot of feet when you're in ballet) at Zahav, where Chef Michael Solomonov made sure their dinner for three (she is pregnant, dontcha know) was pita-perfect. That was before Passover. During the holiday, the chef made his menu matzah-ready for another important client: The Obamas. The White House duo included a Solomonov selection in their seder presentation. . . . Blame it on rugelach! No? Then how about Rio? Music man Avi Wisnia just returned from a month in Brazil that was samba-licious, where he teamed up for performances with artiste Denise Reis. Now, he and the Brazilian treasure trade countries, with the two due to entertain - along with his band - on May 18 at World Cafe Live. Wisnia upon a "Star"? . . . Judgment day! Maybe Joe Ball, seated at the head of the table of the American Advertising Services, which he's run for 55 years, should also go into the furniture business: He's just been named chairman of the U.S. International Film & Video Festival judges committee (business-to-business section). . . . And here's a salute, meriting an apple and a "Star" for the teacher: Lynn Jacobs of Anna Blakiston Day School has been named and honored by the National Liberty Museum as a "Teacher as Hero." ... If Yiddish is so dead, how come they're still making book on it? Ask Philadelphia's Eric Goldman, whose revised and expanded version of Visions, Images and Dreams: Yiddish Cinema, Past and Present, has just hit (or, as they say, gave such a k'nock to) the bookshelves. . . . Nomi no more! Was that Elizabeth Berkeley - once notoriously famous for her role as the girl with a stripper streak in the shandah "Showgirls" - at the Center City Barnes & Noble? Twas, as the since very much career-rehabbed star appeared in conjunction with her new book, Ask Elizabeth: Real Answers to Everything You Secretly Wanted to Ask About Love, Friends, Your Body and Life in General. Gee, Elizabeth, about Nomi? Well, you did say to ask. ... At age 96, Harriette "Hatte" Gubel had lost nothing off her fast ball. But then, life came around and served up the ultimate curve: The longtime Phillies Phan - headquartered in Florida in recent years, where she apparently never missed a chance to watch the visiting Phils go Marlin-flshing - died on April 2 and was buried in a Phils cap. Word has it that the longtime Philadelphian - who was commemorated during a recent Phils broadcast, and whose great-nephew Daniel was great in getting her to games here and there - is warming up for long relief in an angel's outfit. And, you know, Hattie, "Stars" would never be disloyal to suggest it was a California Angels uniform.



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