Publication: The Stranger
Date published:
Language: English
PMID: 59135
Journal code: STRR


Sweden, 2010 (86 min.)

Dir. Andreas Ohman

Eighteen-year- old Simon- Asperger's-having Swede and self-styled alien on earth-enjoys outer space (because there are no feelings there), circles (pizza, for instance), and his older brother. He does not enjoy things that are not those things. When Simon's brother splits up with his girlfriend, this natural bit of messy chaos throws Simon into a tailspin. Simon embarks on a scientific quest to find his brother the ideal new mate. Spoiler alert: Things get mega-whimsical. (LINDY WEST)

PACIFIC PLACE Fri May 27, 11 am

EVERETT Mon May 30, 6

SIFF CINEMA Wed June 1, 7

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