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Nilson Matta - Brazilian Voyage

Zoho ZM201002

Harry Allen (ts) Anne Drummond (fl) Klaus Mueller (pno) Nilson Matta (bs,gtr) Mauricio Zottarelli (dms) Ze Mauricio (percussion) Rec. Brooklyn, November 2009

Baden / Trenzinho Do Caipira / Aguas Brasileiras / Brazil (Aquarela Do Brasil) / Pantanal / Copacabana / Saci Perere / I Can See Forever / Asa Branca (into) Baiao TT:50:09

What a thrill to hear this CD the first time! Now, after repeated playing, the thrill has only intensified. My original curiosity about this disc was the presence of Harry Allen but he is but one of a host of fine players and he's only on three tracks. The leader's bass playing is with great pluck, and bright bowing too. Klaus Mueller's piano just shimmers throughout the CD. and Anne Drummond's flute can't help but flap your ears in joy.

Harry A and Anne D uncork the bouquet of Brazil and each of these other Brazilian numbers has a beautiful finish, without being fruity. This impeccable album makes for healthy hearts.

Herb Young

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