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Thousands of workers and their families participated in Labour Day events across the state in May to celebrate the gains unions have made throughout history and the positive contribution unions continue to make to Australian society.

Unions: Working for a Better Life was the theme of this year‚euro(TM)s Labour Day events ‚euro? it represents the union movement‚euro(TM)s overarching and ongoing campaign to improve the lives of workers and their families.

Th is year, QNU members wore t-shirts emblazoned with the words Remember our older Australians ‚euro? Fund quality aged care to continue the momentum of our Because We Care campaign to improve aged care. Th anks to all members who attended and organised our celebrations across the state ‚euro? a great time was had by all involved.

What is a union?

Is it a group of people with common interests who work within a certain industry and pay dues to an administrative body that they expect to represent their interests? Is it also a group that uses collective bargaining to strengthen its hand, rather than risk falling c prey to the axiom of divide and conquer?

A free enterprise society does not function without the forces of both labour and capital. And in recent years we have witnessed an extraordinary and sustained attack on the rights of the former to organise, agitate and protect the interests of its members.

Th e irony is that when it comes to organising collectively and agitating loudly, in recent times it has been the alliances of capital that have tended to be more militant than those unions representing the workers.

Th at is just one reason I‚euro(TM)ll be marching with my union again this Labour Day. It is a day to celebrate the fact that, yes, we also still have a voice, and we must never allow it to be stifl ed. United we stand.

Paul Syvret, Courier Mail journalist, April 26, 2011.

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