A Review of Concept of Force Measurements between the Past and Today

Force measurement is of fundamental importance to many industrial sectors. Product liability and safety issues demand that force measurements are traceable to national standards. Competitive advantage can be gained from accurate force measurement. For force measurement, some measuring systems with specific criteria are required. Force measurement systems can involve a number of different physical principles but their performance can be described by a number of common characteristics and terms, and the behavior of a system or transducer can be expressed graphically as a response curve - by plotting the indicated output value (e.g. voltage) from the system against the force applied to it. The developed techniques for force measurements are discussed through this paper. This review of research literatures has documented the advantages and disadvantages of different systems. Attention should be directed to the future needs to overcome the disadvantages of some of them. Copyright © 2011 IFSA. Keywords: Force, Development, Measurements.

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