Formulation, Development & Evaluation of Oral Fast Dissolving Anti-Allergic Film of Levocetrizine Dihydrochloride

Fast dissolving film of levocetrizine dihydrochloride were prepared by solvent casting method by using Maltodextrin & HPMC E15 as the main film forming polymers.To decrease the disintegration time,concentration of maltodextrin & HPMC E15 were optimized be using 2^sup 2^ factorial design. Disintegration time, drug release pattern, mouth dissolving time and content uniformity were also evaluated. Compatibility between drug and recipients were studied by means of DSC analysis. Batch F1 was found to be the optimized batch as its disintegration was completed within the minimum time as compared to all other batches. The formulation (F1) was also showing sufficient drug release after 5 min. All the 6 formulation was showing approximately 90% drug release after 5min. Keywords: Levocetrizine hydrochloride, fast dissolving film, Maltodextrin,HPMC E15 & solvent casting technique.

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