Summer friends for-evah!

Keep your summer friendships rollin'! Here's how to stay close...even when you're far apart.

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Publication: Girls' Life
Author: Mulcahy, Lisa
Date published: August 1, 2011
Language: English
PMID: 58534
ISSN: 10783326
Journal code: GRLF

Was this the best summer ever or what? Awesome weather, tons to do and, best of all, you made some fab new friends. Now that temps are fallirÔ, though, you're worried about whether you can keep your summer sisterhood going all year long. Here's how to stay tight, even if you're separated by a few states. After all, just because vacation's over doesn't mean your new friendships have to be.


We're not going to lie - staying in touch with faraway friends takes work. Think about it: Once ya go back to school, your weeks are stacked with homework and extracurrics. One way to keep close? Block out time twice a month - say, Saturday a.m. from 10 to 11 - to talk. Between chats, a quick text or Facebook message just to say, "Thinking of you," can show you're, well, thinking of her!


You and your bud first bonded over your love of water sports while canoeing in the lake at camp (turns out she's on her school's swim team, too!). Then ya realized you were both diehard Hunger Games fans during a Peeta versus Gale debate. Now that you're apart, use those shared interests to fuel your friendship. E-mail her to ask about her latest meet or post links on her FB about Hunger Games news. Focusing on your shared interests helps keep your twosome tight.. .even when you're miles apart.


A solid friendship's gotta go both ways. In the next few months, take turns calling and sending notes so no one feels like they're doing all the work. Remember that with your crazy scheds, keeping in touch may occasionally take a backseat to science projects and dance recitals. For the truest of BFFs, you'll reach out when ya have a sec and start connecting like no time has passed.


Sure, it stings when you hear about your bud having a blast with her besties at home. But you can't begrudge the girl - she's had those friends forever. Instead of pouting or waiting around for her updates, hang with your local gal pals, pack your calendar with plans and live it up, hometown-style. Then, when you and your girl get together again, you both will have tonsa stories to share. Sweet!


You've been trying to get together for weeks, but between trying to score a ride from the 'rents, your school newspaper deadlines and her babysitting gigs, you can't find a free weekend 'til, well, June. Bummer! Before you get totally down and out, know that it's OK if your inperson together time is limited to one season. In the meantime, stay connected any way you can - and then start plotting all of the awesome things you can do together next summer!

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