L.A.? 'Must Be' the Place for Elkins Park Native

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Publication: Jewish Exponent
Date published: August 18, 2011


It must be - her! Why, yes it is: Elkins Park's Kenny Solms celebrates the L.A. premiere of his play "It Must Be Him" with "break-a-leg" best wishes from longtime pal loan Rivers, for whom he wrote and produced the '80s' "Showtime's loan Rivers' Salute to Heidi Abromowitz." Solms' play had a successful off-Broadway run last year before coming to the Edgemar Center for the Arts, where it's running to Sept. 4. The comedy has a "cameo" by Kenny's late parents - actually characters inspired by them - the prominent Philadelphia communal leaders David and Ellen Solms.

Conway and his former boss, Carol Burnett (right), seated in the opening-night audience of "It Must Be Him"



The writer meets up with Tim Conway, part of the opening-night crowd, studded with celebs. Solms goes way back with the comic; the Elkins Park native son was head writer for "The Carol Burnett Show," in which Conway starred. The variety classic, which ran on CBS for 11 seasons, ending in 1978, was chosen as one of the "100 Best TV Shows of All Time" by "Time" magazine.

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